What we stand for

We stand with underrepresented
racial groups

Flywheel stands in solidarity with the fight against systemic racism, white supremacy, and the historic oppression of the Black community, both nationally and in our hometown community of Omaha, Nebraska. We believe in being excellent to each other, no matter what your skin color is. This page is dedicated to providing educational resources for the local Omaha community.

Who we are

Rise is one of Flywheel’s Employee Resource Groups

Our mission is to provide a safe, open environment to promote, educate, and advocate for people of underrepresented racial groups and allies at Flywheel.



How to be an ally

Healing-focused resources for POC

Books to read

Instagram accounts to follow

Educational resources for kids

How can I help and show my support?

Want to read more about what we’re doing to spotlight BIPOC in tech?

One of our goals is to uplift BIPOC in the tech community and share their stories. To do this, we’ve created a bi-annual newsletter that shares the challenges, successes, and triumphs of being a POC in the tech industry.

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Change starts locally

Thank you for supporting and advocating for members of underrepresented racial groups in our community. Check out Connect Black Omaha to see a list of Black-owned businesses in Omaha.

Connect Black Omaha